Nlite-V Collagen Laser

NEW NLITE Laser Treatment for lines/acne/scarring/veins

Following full clinical trials, the NLite laser has been hailed as the biggest breakthrough for many years in the treatment of active acne. By killing the bacteria that cause infection leading to spots & lesions and by increasing the amount of dermal collagen produced below & around the spots to give a boost to the healing process, spots disappear with a decreased likelihood of scarring developing. Treatment is painless with no known side effects. Consultations are free and treatment costs from £170. Information packs available.

The NLite vascular programme can successfully treat a variety of conditions without the use of needles, such as thread veins, cherry & spider anginoma and rosacea. A full free consultation with our trained laser operator will be necessary to discuss your treatment needs and suitability. Treatment costs start from £75 – Ask for more details.