Safety Information

How can you ‘ tan sensibly’?

The answer is easy. Above all, don’t over do it. A few tips:

  • Sunburn should be avoided at all costs. It sounds logical, but it’s all too easily forgotten. And it takes your skin a long time to recover (quite apart from the discomfort).
  • Don’t try to stay as brown as possible the whole year around by using tanning equipment continuously. It’s important that you don’t exceed the maximum total dosage of ultraviolet light (see instructions with your sunbed).
  • Be careful in the sun, particularly in the mountains and in hot countries. The power of sunlight can change dramatically.
  • In the case of a sunbed, always follow the operating instructions very carefully and stick to the tanning times for yiur particular skin type.
  • On sun-sea-and-sand holidays, try to build up slowly. Use an effective sunscreen and don’t stay in the sun for too long on the first few days.
  • Too much ultraviolet light is bad for your eyes. When using a sunbed, it is therefore mandatory to always wear UV goggles provided with the sunbed. Sunglasses are not suitable and merely closing your eyes is also ‘against the rules’.
  • Children should always be supervised when sunbathing and should not be allowed to use a sunbed