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MEDIK8 Skincare Biotechnology™

medik8 Skin CareProducts in the MEDIK8 range are medical grade, clinically tester and patented with active ingredients at several times the minimum amount required. The range includes:


– The perfect formula to cleanse and prepare the skin prior to application of further products. Contains vitamin K1 for anti redness action.

Oil Balance™

– This smart action formula balances skin oiliness automatically with one application. No need to apply different creams to different parts of the face. This is the perfect way to prevent oily build up that causes breakouts and shinyness.

Red Alert™

– Powerful active ingredients help to target skin redness. They work by promoting anti-oxidation, vein wall strengthening and enhanced coagulation (blood clotting at site of capillary damage). There is no more powerful trpoical formula for cosmetically managing skin redness.


– Double the strength of most other muscle relaxing products for use on deeper lins and more mature skin. Protox 20® does not paralyse the muscle completely instead it gently and temporarily reduces the strength of specific muscle contractions thus the formulation of new lines and wrinkles is reduced and old lines appear much less prominant- leaving you with smoother, younger looking skin. A great product to extend the effects of oyur Botox treatments or as an alternative to infections.

Ingrow Rescue™

– Unsightly and painful red bumps after hair removal (e.g. shaving) are the scourge of mena and women alike. Targeted and powerful exfoliation using Ingrow Rescue, will easily and comfortably release trapped hairs that have begun to grow in the skin instead of out of the pore. Ideal for use on men’s faces and necks after shaving to prevent and alleviate dreaded razor-bumps.


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