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Goggles / Wink-Ease®

winkease advertThe original disposable eye protection!

Eyelids block less than 25% of harmful UV rays, so closing your eyes is not protecting you from the UVA and UVB rays from a tanning bed. Red, itchy or watery eyes may be an indication of short-term damage – your eyes have been sunburned! Repeated exposure will reduce night vision, diminish colour perception, and increase your probability of brunescent cataracts. Surgery is the only cure for cataracts.

Why Disposable Eye Protection?

Eye protection that isn’t disposable is less hygienic and runs the risk of becoming contaminated. With disposable eye protection such as WINK-EASE®, there is no chance of eye infection! Conjunctivitis (“pink eye”) and colds are often spread from wearing community goggles. Just throw our products away after each tanning session!

WINK-EASE® have no nose bridge to leave a tan line across your nose. Our products are completely adjustable, so you can make them fit the shape of the eye and not have raccoon eyes! They are also see-through, allowing the tanner more freedom. There is plenty of room for long eyelashes, and your makeup won’t be spoiled by wearing them. Choose comfort and protection – choose WINK-EASE® for your eyes!


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