Tanning treatments for a winter glow

The cold weather is setting in and we are no longer able to get out in the sunshine and top up our lovely tans. For some people the Summer is the only period where being tanned makes sense, however, for many there is desperate need to keep that golden glow all year round. Particularly as the party season is approaching, many clients like to look the part for their Christmas events and getting a tan has simply become part of the beauty process.

At our Taunton Beauty Salon, Body Language, we offer both Spray Tan and have sunbeds for use.

Our St Tropez Spray Tan leaves a flawless finish that lasts up to 7-10 days. Your therapist can spray your full body in just 20 minutes so that there are no white patches. Make sure you moisturise regularly for the best application of tan.

We are a member of the British Sunbed Association providing safe and responsible tanning.  We have stand up only sunbeds, very popular with psoriasis, SAD and vitamin D deficiency. The stand up sunbeds are more hygienic as there is no contact with any of the surfaces and clients are given a clean towel to stand on.

Please remember there are strict laws and regulations in place on tanning machines to help protect you and your skin from damage.

You can read more here or call us on  01823 277009