Why Waxing is so much Better than Shaving

Hair removal has become engrained in a lot of our beauty regimes, which means many of us aim for a silk smooth shave with minimal fuss and irritation. 

There are so many hair removal options out there to suit every skin type, time constraint and budget. For matters of speed and convenience, a lot of people tend to put shaving as their main hair removal method, but this has its downfalls. 

Razors are expensive when you add the cost of blades up, and within 24 hours you can sometimes feel that annoying stubble return, rendering your efforts useless. Couple this with razor burn, the chance of cutting your skin and the frequency at which shaving has to be completed, it’s really more hassle than it’s worth. 

Waxing, on the other hand, is one of the most efficient har removal methods around in its various forms. 

Hot wax, hard wax, sugar wax – the possibilities are endless. Here’s our reasons as to why waxing is so much better than shaving. 

Waxing Lasts Longer 

The beauty of waxing is that it pulls hair from the root instead of simply chopping the visible part of the hair off. Pulling the hair from this far down means there’s even more distance for the hair to grow back, meaning this happens at a slower rate. 

You can expect the regrowth of hair to show any time after around 3-6 weeks, whereas with shaving this can happen in a matter of hours. 

No Cuts or Nicks 

We all know the pain when the edge of a razor scrapes away at your knee or ankle, and suddenly your relaxing shower becomes somewhat of a crime scene!  

With waxing pulling hair from the root and no sharp objects being involved, the likelihood of bleeding is much less, and you’re not able to cut or nick yourself, leaving annoying open wounds on your skin. 

No Ingrown Hairs 

They’re itchy and carry high risk of infection – ingrown hairs really are one of the worst parts of shaving. Much like the other elements of waxing, pulling the hair from the root means a direct removal that leaves no room for error. 

While shaving causes razor burn and irritates your skin to the point your hair can get caught, you don’t need to worry about this when it comes to waxing. 

Waxing can Make Hair Grow Slower and Finer 

Pulling the hair from the root can eventually result in hair growing back smoother find finer as you wear away at the very source.  

This can make the need for shaving necessary at a more infrequent rate if at all, which is great news for all of us who view it as a chore! 

Waxing is a Pamper, Not a Chore! 

Speaking of chores, it does sometimes feel like shaving is one. To buy all of the necessary equipment only to know your silky-smooth legs are going to be a thing of history in a matter of days. 

The beauty of waxing is that you don’t have to do anything except lie there. Somebody else is responsible for the procedure, and more often than not it can be likened to a pamper session, with a great and long-lasting result at the end! 

If you’re looking to indulge and treat yourself to a wax this time, make sure to book in with us at Body Language for a real pamper.