Social Media Accounts We Love for Beauty Advice & News

Whether you’re looking for beauty tips, or you just want to admire pictures of beautiful celebrities (let’s be honest, who doesn’t) we have a few suggestions of who we think are the best people to follow on social media if you love the beauty world.


Instagram is the perfect place to follow celebrity makeup artists, as they love to show off their work through celebrity photo shoots and you can really get to examine and become very jealous, very quickly of the amazing makeup and beauty.

Pati Dubroff @patidubroff

One of Hollywood’s most respected makeup artists, Pati Dubroff works with many celebrities including: Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Miley Cyrus and Eva Mendes.

Her work has been sought after by many leading magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair while also being head hunted by some of the world’s top fashion photographers.

Her down to earth, easy-going manner is combined with her passion and dedication makes her an extremely inspirational figure in the beauty world.

Krystal Dawn @krystal_iammakeup

Krystal Dawn is a leading makeup artist based in London and her work has attracted celebrities like former Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan and Loose Women’s Carol Wright.

She very much focusses on glamourous looks and she gives great product recommendation through her Instagram account, perfect for those who are looking for the best makeup products out there to buy.

Adam Burrell @adamburrell

Ever wondered how the likes of Little Mix and Katy Perry get their amazing look? Adam Burrell is the man behind their beauty and that’s only two of an extremely long list of celebrities he has worked for.

While also working for huge names like Alexander McQueen and Dior, Adam Burrell’s Instagram gives you a wonderful look at his work through countless selfies from the people he has worked with.

Monika Blunder @monikablundermakeup

Monika Blunder is a makeup artist based in Los Angeles and as you can imagine, she has worked with some of the world’s biggest stars.

Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox and Emilia Clarke are among the amazing clients she has worked with and her Instagram really shows off her work, while also giving her followers product advice.


Rosie Huntington-Whitely rosiehw

The English model and actress, best known for her work for lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret, is a brilliant person to add on Snapchat as she likes to share her beauty secrets, which is a fantastic way for you to get to know some of the things she does.

Or if you just fancy adding her to get very jealous all the time for her amazing beauty, then Rosie is a must add!

Cara Delevigne Cara2sc

The two time model of the year, turned Hollywood actress is a real fan favourite in the beauty world.

She has created her own look that has been welcomed with open arms in fashion and beauty and even if you don’t want to see her beauty, her social media accounts are worth a follow because she is guaranteed to make you laugh!


Youtube has become the best place for beauty vloggers to show off techniques, review products and give the world the best possible insight to beauty secrets. Have a look at who we think are just a few of the best people to subscribe to on Youtube.


Zoe Sugg has become an internet phenomenon over the past 5 years, gaining over 10 million subscribers on Youtube alone!

She has categorized her videos which do include Beauty and Hair which we would recommend to anyone to watch, as they are brilliant!

She has a very quirky and upbeat personality and you are sure to have a great experience with any of her videos.


For all things makeup, PixiWoo is the place to be. Samantha and Nicola Chapman are sisters who give expert makeup advice and products.

With just under 2 million subscribers, they have focussed on makeup tutorials from basic to Halloween makeup methods, while also offering techniques and products that celebrities use.