Skincare Trends for 2019

The beauty with skincare trends is that they’re always innovating. We’re always learning more about our skin and why it needs certain treatments to keep it looking youthful and fresh. 

Every year we see more and more products circulating in the beauty and skincare industry, and more and more trends crop up in terms of preserving and nourishing our skin. 

Whilst 2018 was the year of coffee scrubs and sheet masks to take your skin from dull to glowing with little to no effort, it’s time to scratch the surface and see what 2019 has in store for us. 

3D Printed Face Masks 

It’s a familiar story many of us share – opening a sheet mask ready to indulge in a night of pampering, only to realise the mask doesn’t fir your face and you’re having to slide it back into place every 20 seconds. 

Gone are these days – beauty company Neutrogena have been working quietly on a new invention – MaskiD. This is a 3-D printed face mask customised to fit the contours of your face and tackle your specific skin woes. 

Expected to hit the market in late 2019, MaskiD is controlled by an app for convenience, and the price tag of a favoured drug store brand means this will be accessible for a wider audience. 

CBD Skincare 

Whilst hemp has been around in the skincare industry for a while, becoming a key ingredient in moisturisers and oils thanks to it’s intense moisturising abilities and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Swiftly and silently banishing the effects of premature ageing and helping restore skin to its supple and moisture rich nature, this isn’t the last we’ll see of hemp and CGBD products hitting the market. 

Vitamins A, D and E make hemp and CBD a truly nutritious addition to your skincare routine. 


You’ve probably heard of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, but move aside, it’s time for polyhydroxy acids to have their turn in the spotlight. 

Capable of exfoliating, regenerating and hydrating the skin at the same time, PHA’s lift away dead skin and promote cell regeneration, giving you your best skin yet! 

They contain smaller molecules than the alpha and beta cousins, causing less potential irritation to the skin. 


This treatment was previously only available at top clinics, but now the acne fighting treatment will be available at home in the form of rollers and overnight patches. 

The tiny needles on these devices push acne fighting product right into the pores of your skin. The needles themselves stimulate skin repair and improve collagen production and elasticity. 

Clean and Honest 

With a lot of focus this year on sustainability in every industry, one trend is businesses having a clean and honest approach to their skincare. 

From using more natural ingredients, to improving their packaging and the honesty of their campaigns, be set to see a big skincare rehaul in 2019! 

Sun Protection 

Don’t expect to see this going anywhere any time soon. We all know the importance of sun protection and will continue to see this noted and promoted, with a lot of skincare and beauty products now containing SPF.