What should you be including in your skincare routine?

A skincare routine is extremely personal and the perfect routine for one person may not work for another but this is more to do with the individual products that each person uses rather than the type of products. One brand may be someone’s saviour but may not agree with another – it is all about finding the products and brands that work with your skin. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a routine that works with everyone, this includes the type of products you should be using. We have come up with the most important products you should be using in your daily routine.  


Cleanser should be the first aspect in everyone’s routine, whether it is to remove your makeup or just to clean your face from the day you’ve had. Nobody should be missing this aspect of their routine. If you are removing makeup make sure to go in again with your cleanser to give your skin a really good clean.  

A cleansed face allows the other products to really work on into your skin and work effectively.  


Apply a toner on a cotton pad all over your cleansed face and neck, this will help to hydrate, refresh and rebalance skin and skin tone. Toner is vital to use after you have cleansed your face as it replaces the nutrients that were lost in the cleansing process, whilst decreasing the look of redness and uneven texture.  

If you have oily skin this can also help reduce the size of pores on your face, especially in your T-Zone.  


Serum comes in all shapes and sizes and your skin type will really determine the type of serum you need and want for your skin – think about your desired outcome of using the product as well e.g. do you want brighter skin or to reduce the signs of ageing? All serums are filled with anti-oxidants and ingredients to help defend your skin against the environment.  

Serum helps to reduce redness, improve skin texture and reduce the physical signs of ageing.  

Moisturiser & SPF 

Most people know about the importance of using a moisturiser in their skincare routines but are unaware of the importance of using an SPF. Using an SPF will actually prevent the signs of ageing much more effectively than any moisturiser as well as protecting your skin from sun damage which can happen even on a cold winters day in the UK.  

Moisturiser is still a really important part of a routine to help add the moisture back into your skin that may have been reduced in the day. If you can use a moisturiser with SPF included this will be the perfect addition to your skincare routine.