Permanent Hair Removal at Body Language Taunton

Smooth silky hairless skin is often desired by many women and some men, meaning we repeatedly shave, pluck or wax our skin to remove our hair on a regular basis. At our Body Language beauty salon, we offer a solution to this with our unique permanent hair removal.

This treatment known as Epil-Pro (Epil meaning removal and pro meaning professional) permanently removes hair by using sound wave technology and is carried out by our experienced and trained staff. The energy travels deep into the hair shaft in order to degenerate the papillary cells and destroy the root of where the hair grows. This treatment then prevents the hair from being able to grow again, however, in order for the treatment to be successful and prevent regrowth a variety of sessions are required until the hair becomes too weak to be able to grow again.

The treatment is described as fast, painless and effective meaning it is often preferred over the electrolysis treatment. Whereas some other hair removal treatments might leave scarring, burning or pitting to the skin, you can be sure that Epil Pro Hair removal will not cause damage.

Due to the safe aspects of this treatment it means more sensitive areas can be treated for e.g. lips, bikini, eyebrows and so on.


If you like the sound of permanent hair removal that is safe, effective and affordable then contact Body Language salon or check out our prices here.