Non surgical facelifts – PDO threadlifts

The Non Surgical Facelift also known as the PDO threadlift is something we are very excited to be sharing with you.

You heard it right the PDO threadlift is a non surgical face lift that has instant results.
So how does the process work?

Over time your skin begins to sag forming wrinkles and creases as collagen begins to breakdown. Therefore PDO threadlifts have been introduced to re-encourage the growth of collagen in the skin. During the process an anaesthetic cream is applied to the face followed by the insertion of 60 threads into the skin which lifts tissue and adheres itself to your muscles.

Immediate results can be witnessed after the threading procedure however the appearance and the lift of the skin continues to improve over the following 2 months post treatment.

PDO Threadlifts are now available at Body Language Taunton – we have had already seen some fantastic transformations! Knock years off your age by booking your PDO Threadlift treatment now.