Stay Confident with a Manicure from Body Language Taunton

Getting your nails done is a little luxury that can keep you feeling confident and well put together on a daily basis. At Body Language Taunton, we offer a range of manicures that can help you care for your nails and feel great whilst doing so.

Our beauticians can offer a range of manicures to help keep your fingertips looking fabulous.

Our Manicures:

Minx Nails

Minx nails are patented film wraps that allow you to have a choice of hundreds of designs on your fingertips. They attach to natural, gel and acrylic nails by shrinking when heated. You can get a full set for £27.50.

Shellac Nails

Shellac is a great, long-lasting alternative to regular polish. Set with UV, shellac wears like gel which means that it’s non-chip but comes off with ease so it’s much less of a commitment.



NAILTIQUES is designed to help grow strong and healthy natural nails underneath the polish. This treatment is particularly good for those with nails that are weak and brittle. You can upgrade this manicure to a French finish for an extra £5.50.


Gel Extensions and Overlays

Opt for a BIO SCULPTURE protein based gel for a long-lasting manicure that encourages the healthy growth of your own natural nails underneath. If you’re happy with the length of your natural nails, you can opt for the overlay only, but if you’d like a bit more length there is the option for extensions using either tips or gel sculpting. There are a number of finishes available, and repairs and infills can be done also.


At the Body Language salon, there is also the option to have Nail Art done, where various designs and even jewels can be added for an extra cost.

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