Lash Enhancement – What’s Best for Me?

When it comes to lashes, they’re the frames to your eyes, so it’s important to make sure they flatter your eyes.

There are so many different lash enhancements out there, how are you to know what’s best for you?

During your appointment, your lash technician should evaluate the desired effect you want from your lashes and recommend the best treatment from this.

Lash enhancement can give the appearance if thicker, longer lashes and last anywhere up to 8 weeks. Treatments are ideal for anyone looking for thicker or longer lashes without the hassle of mascara.

To get yourself clued up on all the common types of enhancements available, here’s our handy guide.


The least invasive of the procedures, a lash tint mimics the effect of mascara without you having to apply it every day. Whilst you lie back comfortably in a technician’s chair, a special dye will be applied to your lashes, and you’ll keep your eyes closed for about 10 minutes.

When completed, this treatment will leave you with darker and fuller lashes, and is a painless process.


Ideal for short, stubborn lashes, a lash lift is effectively like a perm for your lashes. It is done by using a chemical serum to create a dramatic upwards curl to your lashes, making them appear longer and more fanned out.

Your bottom lashes will be shielded, and a silicone shield is also used to protect your eyelids. The structuring serum will be left on for up to 12 minutes, depending on your intended results. After a moisturiser is added, your new lashed are ready to go!

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions have grown in popularity and it’s easy to see why – they’re a great way to achieve ‘to-die-for’ lashes without everyday effort, and they last a fair while. It totally eliminates the need for mascara!

There are a few different types of lash extensions, depending on the effect you want from yours. The options are:

  • Classic – Classic lashes are created by applying one individual lash on each of your own. This results in longer and more defined lashes without too much weight or volume.
  • Russian Volume – Volume lashes are known for being glam – between 2-6 lashes, bonded together to form a ‘fan’, these are then applied to a single eyelash. This makes for an incredibly dramatic and voluminous effect.
  • Hybrid – Hybrid lashes are what they say on the tin – a hybrid of classic and Russian lashes. If you’re not sure which lash type to opt for, a hybrid is a good place to start. You’ll learn what you like and what you don’t like about each style, or you’ll just love hybrid lashes as they are!

Not every salon will offer hybrid lashes, but most salons will give you the option of classic or volume lashes.

All the lash fans are chosen and applied to each client to suit their individual needs. The lash length, curl and thickness can be changed to your liking at each appointment.

If you want your lashes to wow, and think any of these treatments are right for you, book your appointment with Body Language Salon today.