Introducing NLite – V Collagen Laser For Acne Treatments

At Body Language Taunton we care about you and your skin, we recognise the impact that healthy looking skin can have on a person’s self- esteem and have therefore introduced the popular and successful NLite – V collagen laser. Scarring, Wrinkles and Acne can become a thing of the past with this new non – invasive laser treatment designed to stimulate the production of natural collagen and reduce bacteria leaving the skin, younger, healthier and most importantly smoother!

How does NLite – V Collagen work?

NLite involves targeting the skin and stimulating a natural healing using a laser light. This is achieved as the laser light kills and reduces bacteria that often causes the acne to appear, therefore not only killing the current bacteria but also discouraging the growth of additional bacteria in the future by reducing the risk of the bacteria spreading. This simultaneously encourages the production of collagen beneath the skin, producing a smoother appearance.

What areas can NLite – V target?

The NLite – V collagen laser is a popular treatment commonly used on areas including the eyes, mouth, forehead, cheeks and neck.

How quickly will I see a difference?

Most clients have reported that within just two or three sessions they have seen remarkable improvements to their skin with some even reporting that the acne laser treatment has totally cleared their acne after 3-6 months. This is because over the course of the treatment bacteria has been killed collagen levels start to naturally increase creating a smoother appearance. It therefore comes as no surprise that this treatment has been championed by top dermatologists who have even gone as far to say that this treatment is more effective than anti acne drugs on prescription.

Is the treatment painful?

Some patients might experience a slight discomfort during the procedure in which the laser light is being applied. This slight discomfort previously described as a warming of the skin is only a temporary feeling whilst the treatment is taking place and has been perceived as being much more favourable to the lasting side effects that have been thought to occur as a result of acne drugs. What’s also important to remember is that this treatment is gentle, discreet, quick and safe!

If your scarred or acne skin is having an impact on your self- esteem, then we highly recommend having a chat with one of our team who will gladly provide you with more information and send you a detailed information pack regarding the NLite – V Collagen Laser treatment.