iCon Ultralift Comes to Tauton Beauty Salon

We are very excited to tell you about our fantastic new machine the iCon Ultralift. Exclusive to our beauty salon in Taunton this facelift and body lift machine can be used to reverse ageing on any part of your body.  This innovative treatment has created “a new dimension in non surgical technology” that works by sending one electrical current to your muscles and another current that helps our skin absorb serums that we use as we get older by going deep into the skin in order to emulate the effects of Botox and Fillers.  This machine won’t make you something you are not, it helps your body restore what it had before and what might have been lost as you aged.

We have had some great feedback about this machine, with clients noticing amazing results from just one treatment!! If you want to see the results for yourself then contact our team today!

Find out more about this new treatment here