How To Create Beautiful Brows

The internet is literally bursting with beauty blogs, tutorials and videos that all bid to help you achieve beautiful brows. From an oval face to a long race, a square face to a round face we are all unique with different shaped faces. It is therefore unlikely that your best friend’s eye brow shape will be the same as yours. It is vital that you find an eyebrow shape that suits you!

In this blog entry we have collated the best advice out there in order to provide you with quality tips that will guide you to achieve perfectly shaped brows!

In order to achieve the perfect brows you will need:

– mirror
– tweezers
– eyebrow pencil
– small brow brush (for blending)

1. How to find where your brow should start:
– Take the eyebrow pencil and hold it to one side of your nose so that the pencil is vertical. Make sure the pencil is long enough so that the top of the pencil is reaching to your forehead and beyond. (If your eyebrow pencil is not long enough, use an alternative pen for guidance and use the pencil just to mark the points)
– You will need to be looking in a mirror for the next part to see where the pencil meets your brow bone. This is an indication as to where your brow should start. Using your other hand place one finger on this point and then use the other hand and the pencil to mark your brow.
– Do this for both sides of your face in order to achieve symmetry in the position of where your brow starts.

2. How to find where your brow should end:

-You will again need to use your eyebrow pencil to do this. Holding the eyebrow pencil vertically to one side of your nose (take the right hand side for example). Using a mirror for guidance, keep the bottom of the pencil at the bottom of your nose slowly angle the pencil until the top part is meeting the outside corner of your right eye.
– Trace this line with your finger and mark this spot as where your brow should end.

3. How to find where your brow should arch:
eyebrowarch– You will also need to determine where the arch of your eyebrow should be. Depending on personal preference some people might opt for a higher arch whereas others fear that this could make them look “surprised” therefore they might opt for a lower and softer arch.
For a rough estimate of where your brow should arch you will again need to use your eyebrow pencil as guidance.
– Take the pencil and place the bottom of the pencil at the bottom of one side of your nose so that the rest of the pencil is resting vertically alongside your face.
– Similarly to how you found the end position of your eyebrow you will need angle the eyebrow pencil until the top part of the pencil is in line with the middle of your eye.
-Keeping the pencil in line with the middle of your eye mark where the pencil is meeting your brow.This indicates where your arch should end, i.e. your arch should slope back down from this point.

Colour in your brow:
– You should now have marked the exact position as to where your brow should start, end and arch. Now it is time to fill in your brow using the eyebrow pencil.
– Using soft and light strokes gently add colour to your brow line filling in any gaps in the brow until all the points that you have marked have been connected.
– Next use the brow brush to blend in your pencil so that it is not blotchy or streaky. You might notice some gaps in your eyebrow appear when you do this, so be prepared to go back over these with the eyebrow pencil.
– Depending on the level of definition that you are trying to achieve you might want to use lighter strokes towards the start of your eyebrow, adding more pressure and fill as your move along the eyebrow.
– Once you have brushed your brow into shape you will probably notice that a few stubborn eye brow hairs will not go into place. Take the tweezers and pull these out. – Depending on the existing shape of your eyebrow you might need to be a bit more frivolous and remove any extra hairs that are not within the marker points that you initially drew on.
– Some beauty blogs recommend using a very, very small amount of Vaseline to hold your brow in place. Be mindful when you are doing this as you don’t want to end up with greasy eyebrows.

** Top Tip – Eyebrow pencils come in a variety of shades, therefore you will need to find a shade that is most suited to your skin tone. If you purchase your eyebrow pencil from beauty counter the beautician should be able to advise you on what shade will be most suitable for you.

Of course if you would like the help of a beauty professional or require more permanent brows, here at Body Language we offer Semi – Permanent Make –up that can replace lost or non – existent eyebrows.