Epil Pro Hair Removal Treatment

The summer is nearly upon us and everyone will be looking to remove any of that unwanted hair for the beach season, so why not get the best in hair removal treatment by using our Epil Pro, which is a unique permanent hair removal tool.

The Epil Pro safely removes unwanted hair from any area by using safe sound energy, a treatment that is a lot more safe and effective compared to conventional laser treatment or electrolysis.

Suitable for both men and women alike, the Epil Pro transmits sound waves down the hair shaft that disintegrates the cells at the base of the hair, without harming the surrounding tissue.

There is absolutely zero risk of scarring, burning or pigmentation and can be used to remove hair from most areas of the body.

Our Epil Pro package includes consultation, treatment and a 15ml bottle of Epil Pro lotion which is essential to the after care of your treatment. The lotion should be applied twice a day for four days after the treatment.

For more information on our Epil Pro hair removal and our other hair removal services visit our page https://www.bodylanguageuk.com/treatments/hair-removal/ or call us on 01823 277009.