Tanning treatments for a winter glow

The cold weather is setting in and we are no longer able to get out in the sunshine and top up our lovely tans. For some people the Summer is the only period where being tanned makes sense, however, for many there is desperate need to keep that golden glow all year round. Particularly as the party season is approaching, many clients like to look the part for their Christmas events and getting a tan has simply become part of the beauty process.

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Treatments for caring for your skin this winter

It’s that time of the year where the weather has got colder and our skin tends to become dry and dehydrated. Whether you are out doors in the fresh weather or warming up by the fire our skin suffers, often turning dry and flaky. However, it doesn’t have to be like this, follow this simple advice and keep your skin in tip top condition this winter.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise – You might need to start moisturising numerous times throughout the day to really help your skin. Oil based moisturisers can sometime be more favourable at this time of year as they tend to form a protective layer over the skin making it harder for the cold weather to affect. Continue reading “Treatments for caring for your skin this winter”

Exciting New NLite Collagen Laser Treatment Comes To Our Taunton Beauty Salon

Soften and remove lines and wrinkles with our brand new non – invasive laser treatment at our Beauty Salon in Taunton.

If you want to leave your skin looking younger, healthier and smoother than this procedure that stimulates the production of natural collagen is the treatment for you. Continue reading “Exciting New NLite Collagen Laser Treatment Comes To Our Taunton Beauty Salon”

Microdermabrasion and Its benefits

Microdermabrasion has become a popular treatment with many people. The treatment often described as an “instant facelift” is favoured due to its more affordable price and less invasive procedure.

At Body Language Taunton our therapists use crystal technology to gently exfoliate and remove dead skin cell, unblocking pores whilst simultaneously encouraging new skin growth. The treatment often leaves the client relaxed and refreshed with a visibly brighter, fresher complexion after the cleanse, tone, face mask and mositurisation has all been completed. Continue reading “Microdermabrasion and Its benefits”

Epil Pro Hair Removal Treatment

The summer is nearly upon us and everyone will be looking to remove any of that unwanted hair for the beach season, so why not get the best in hair removal treatment by using our Epil Pro, which is a unique permanent hair removal tool.

The Epil Pro safely removes unwanted hair from any area by using safe sound energy, a treatment that is a lot more safe and effective compared to conventional laser treatment or electrolysis. Continue reading “Epil Pro Hair Removal Treatment”