Caring for your skin after sun exposure

You worked hard achieving your summer glow so follow these great aftercare tips and prolong that tan. Keep your glow throughout the winter and keep your skin feeling happy.

When on holiday:
As part of the after sun skin care it is important that you take care of
your skin when you are out in the sun. Make sure you protect your skin
for UV rays with a hydrating sun lotion.

Use an aftersun product – Aloe vera for example is a great choice for
keeping the skin hydrated after sun exposure. This high moisture product
is perfect for hydrating the skin.

After holiday
Before stepping into the shower, brush your skin with a body brush.
Brush in large strokes towards the heart to remove any dead skin and
keep your skin refreshed.

After exfoliating your skin it is vital that you take the time to
moisturise your skin. Make sure you do this after showering. Moisturise
two times a day if possible to protect your tan for longer.