The Benefits of Gel Manicures

At Body Language we know the importance of a fresh manicure, and choosing the right one is essential. More and more, people are looking for a manicure that lasts as long as possible and gel manicures are becoming an increasingly popular choice in our salon.

The benefits of gel manicures:

Short Dry Time

If you’re in a rush, a gel manicure could be the option for you. By using UV lights, the dry time for each layer is a matter of minutes, and it also means that you don’t have to worry about smudging your manicure on the way home from the salon!earing

Gel manicures stay shiny and fresh for up to 3 weeks without the worry of any chips, dents, fading or peeling.

Promotes Natural Nail Growth

If you’re someone whose nails are always breaking, a gel manicure could be the right option for you. At Body Language, protein based BIO SCULPTURE gel is used to add strength to your natural nails, encouraging growth beneath the manicure.

Easy to Remove

Gel manicures are easy to remove too. After a few minutes of soaking, your nails are clean and ready to go again!


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