Beauty Trends for 2019

Many consider a new year to be a new start in terms of beauty. It’s the perfect time to try that haircut, or revamp your style while the year is fresh and new. 

But how are you meant to stay up to date? The latest in beauty trends in 2019 are taking things back to basics and relying on classic style and techniques for a timeless look. There’s a reason these trends appear time and time again – they work for everyone! 

Glow in the New Year 

Glossy, dewy makeup is making its return for 2019. From slick lids to slick lips, there’s nothing some gloss can’t fix in 2019.  

It’s easy to get the dewy, wet look with either lip gloss or lip balm. These products are multi-use and can be applied on eyes and lips to give a shiny glow. 

Highlighter still isn’t going anywhere – apply generously to cheekbones and prominent areas of the face to give an all over glow. 

Lash Loving

2019 is all about treating your lashes like they deserve. 

It is expected that natural lash lifts are going to rise in prominence, along with hydrating treatments like castor oil and aloe vera becoming popular to draw natural moisture to the lashes. 

Until your lashes are the length of your dreams, use length boosting mascaras for that full, long effect. 

Bold Lips 

Whether it’s red, purple, pink, orange, blue or black, there’s always time in the year for a bold lip. Expect to see bright lip colours everywhere in 2019! 

While the skincare trend is dewy and natural, your lips will be making the statement this year. 

 A colourful pout is the best way to dress up a plain outfit or draw attention to your face – carrying lipstick in your purse will take your look from day to night. 

If you’re looking for long lasting colour, choose liquid lipsticks or matte formulas and always use liner for the best colour payoff and staying power. 

Sweet as A Nut 

Forget about the popular coffin shape for nails this year is the almond – smooth and simple. 

Pair this with pastel colours for an even sweeter look guaranteed to see you through all the seasons in 2019. 

Grey Hair Don’t Care 

Since its revival as a trend, grey hair is becoming more and more popular in salon circles. 

This year though, it’s all about letting your natural shine through – if you’re already loving your greys keep them well treated with a sulphate free shampoo. 

If ditching the dye scares you just a bit too much, there’s plenty of options to keep your hair colour looking great, such as deep conditioners or Olaplex treatments. 

If grey is a step too far and you want to be up to date with trends, but keep the youthful factor, lilac could be a middle ground for you to try, since this is set to be a huge trend in 2019 too. 

Back to Basics 

The overall impression of 2019 is that it’s a year of going back to basics. For hair, skincare and nails, tried and tested methods of beauty still reign – dewy skin, natural oils and the comeback of grey hair.  

All of these could be considered classic styles made modern and with less maintenance. 

To book in for your 2019 trend revamp, contact us at Body Language today, and see how we can help you make the most of your new year beauty goals.