Beauty Treatments which will get you looking your best for Christmas

Christmas party season is right around the corner, and with all of the photos that are unavoidable at this time of year, you’ll want to be glowing.  

The cold nights a great excuse to stay inside and pamper yourself, so indulge in these treatments to get you looking and feeling your best before your big events. 


  • Facial – facials are a great way to rejuvenate your skin in the winter months and will give your skin that extra glow whilst it’s so bitter outside. Invest in cleansing milks that contain hyaluronic acid or alpha-hydroxy acids that help remove dead skin cells and firm your skin. Alternatively, if you really want to treat your skin this holiday season and wind down after Christmas shopping stress, book in for one of our Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment. 
  • Moisturise – the skin on your whole body can feel the impact of winter – choose a moisturiser you can use on face, body and hands that includes ingredients like shea butter for a truly nourishing experience that will leave your skin soft and smooth. When you look in the mirror, you’ll truly feel like your skin is replenished.  
  • Tired eyes – one too many late nights over the festive season can take its toll on your skin and eyes. Make sure you drink plenty of water to combat puffiness, and purchase some under eye masks to nourish and rejuvenate the thin skin around your eyes. 


Booking in for a brow treatment, be it plucking, tinting, waxing, threading or microblading will really help you look groomed to perfection over the party season. 

Brows really frame your face and can be the difference between an eye that sparkles and one that doesn’t! Morning hassle will become a thing of the past and perfectly groomed brows as soon as you roll out of bed – what more could you wish for?  


  • Hair removal – if you want to be fuzz free and eliminate the worry for shaving, epilating or using hair removal cream this Christmas. Indulge in a wax or laser hair removal treatment to save precious time in bed – we all need this on a cold morning. 
  • Hair – for hair that’s luxurious and shiny, leave in conditioner is a great treatment for hair that’s been covered in a hat or blown around by the wind the last few months. Apply to the ends of your hair and leave in according to the instructions, and your hair will soon return to its crowning glory in time for the Christmas season. 


Nail treatments have endless Christmassy possibilities. You could opt for a simple polish if you know you’ll be busy wrapping gifts or cooking turkey and don’t want to risk breaking a nail off.  

Festive designs are a fun way to customise your nails and show off for Christmas – you can only do these this time of year, so make the most out of it and pile on the glitter! 


Many women feel more confident in clothes once they achieve the ever-desired sun kissed glow. Spending some time in a salon on a tanning bed will help you gain a glow that stays for days, although remember not to spend too long on a tanning bed for your skin’s safety.  

Body Language is a member of The Sunbed Association and offers advice on sunbed use if you have any queries about this.  

You could instead invest in a spray tan for all over coverage if you’d prefer this to using a sunbed. When you book in for one of our sunless tans, you’ll come away with a flawless, instant tan that will develop over the next few hours and leave you glowing for 7-10 days. Just think how good you’ll look in that party dress! 

Christmas is a time for celebration, and why would you not want to look and feel your best during this?  

Here at Body Language, we want to help you achieve this with our extensive range of treatments.

Book with us today so we can pamper you for party season!