Hand/Nail Care: A Guide To Removing Your Shellac Nails

With shellac’s glossy finish and chip-free formula your nails will maintain their fresh and professional finish. Therefore treating yourself to shellac nails is a great way to keep your nails in tip top condition for up to 14 days.

newimageeditHaving said that when they do start to chip and it’s time to take them off it is important that you follow the correct procedure to avoid causing any damage to your nails. Do not peel them off, however tempting that might be. It is best to get your shellac nail varnish taken off professionally at the salon. However, if you are unable to do this here is a DIY step by step guide to removing the shellac paint yourself!  Due to the formula of the shellac paint regular nail varnish will not take the paint off.  Therefore to take your shellac nails off you will need: Continue reading “Hand/Nail Care: A Guide To Removing Your Shellac Nails”