10 Steps To The Perfect Pedicure

Do you have tired feet that are in need of a little TLC? Follow this step by step guide for on how to give yourself a perfect pedicure.

1. Start by taking off any nail varnish that is on your toes.
2. Soak your feet in some hot soapy water. Why not add a splash of lavender oil to the water as well? Whilst your feet are cleaning and softening the smell of the lavender should leave you feeling relaxed.
3. Dry your feet and use a buffer pad to remove any rough skin from the soles of your feet. You should particularly focus on the heels and the section underneath your toes, as these are both common places for skin to harden and build up.
4. Being mindful of not cutting your nails too low, use some nail clippers to take off any excess nail that is not needed.
5. Now use a nail file to shape the nail into your desired shape.
6. Using clean fresh water give your feet another quick cleanse to remove any dead skin or nail remains.
7. Dry your feet and massage in a layer of moisturiser to keep the feet feeling soft, sit there for 5 minutes and allow this moisturiser to thoroughly sink in before you start to apply your next coat of nail varnish.
8. You might want to separate your toes using foam padding that can be purchased from most beauty stores. Firstly apply a base coat to your nail. This will offer the nail protection and should make your top coat of nail varnish last longer.
9. When the base coat has dried you can start to apply your top coat of nail varnish. We are now in summer season so why not choose a bright and summery colour such as Pink, Orange or Red. You might want to add two coats to the nail to ensure that your toes retain their vibrancy.
10. Finally, when your nails have dried, reapply another layer of moisturiser paying particular attention to massaging it into your nails.

Follow these ten top tips and get your sandals at the ready, so that when the sun is shining you can show off your perfectly pedicured feet.