What You Need to Know About Botox

You have probably heard about Botox before but do you really know what it is or how it could benefit you?

What is it?

Botox is derived from the bacterium form of Clostridium botulinum, a natural protein which has been purified. The toxins in this bacterium work to relax (freeze) the facial muscles temporarily that cause fine lines and wrinkles to appear.
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Why should SPF be part of your daily skincare routine?

If you think SPF should only be worn in summer, think again, you should be wearing it all year round – yes, even in England’s cold winter. The sun’s damaging rays are one of the main causes of your skin prematurely ageing. We’d get that SPF out if we were you!

Another damaging factor that the sun’s rays can lead to is skin cancer. This is a much rarer impact of the sun than premature ageing is, but the consequences can be far more severe – if this isn’t going to persuade you to put the SPF on we don’t know what will.
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How does drinking water really affect your body?

I’m sure we have all been told to drink more water and deep down we know we should, but how much does drinking water actually impact on our body and more importantly our skin and hair?

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and all organs require water to function, therefore our skin needs more than most.
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What should you be including in your skincare routine?

A skincare routine is extremely personal and the perfect routine for one person may not work for another but this is more to do with the individual products that each person uses rather than the type of products. One brand may be someone’s saviour but may not agree with another – it is all about finding the products and brands that work with your skin. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a routine that works with everyone, this includes the type of products you should be using. We have come up with the most important products you should be using in your daily routine.  

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The Perfect Fake Tanning Routine

Whether you love to be glowing and tanned all year round or you just need a little pick me up to help fight those winter blues, what better way than having a great tanning routine that could fool even the most experienced fake tanner into thinking your tan is real. Here are some top tips to perfect your routine and to help you get the best results from your tan.

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